Northwest Clay Guild


The NW Clay Guild is a group of professional and semi-professional artists. We are now welcoming new members, even those who are new to clay. In order to join you must be recommended by a guild member and pay the annual fee of $1600/year. Glazes, firings, tools, etc. are all included (except production potters – they will have to pay for their own clay and base glazes). Guild members receive a key to the studio and are allowed 24/7 access. (The studio is only closed to guild members when a class or workshop is in session and there is no room!) Every-other-month guild meetings function as critiques, workshops, problem-solving technical sessions and social/community-building soirées. Quarterly gallery shows and other special community events spotlight the talented core of the guild. Guild members may attend all studio workshops and are also invited to teach classes. All guild members teach one class a week and are responsible for a weekly studio chore of their choosing. A guild member may teach additional hours in exchange for guild dues. Call for details.

Associate memberships are also available: The  associate guild membership is $100 annually and allows you to participate in the every-other-month guild meetings, quarterly gallery shows, use of kilns ($75/firing) and invitation to teach classes. The associate membership is perfect for artists who have their own studio elsewhere but crave the community and cooperative nature of the guild.

Come join our dynamic, collaborative group!

Upcoming Guild meetings (please RSVP):

September 10th 5pm- planning the year ahead

November 19th 1pm- field trip to the Franklin Institute to see The Terra Cotta Warriors!

January 21st 5pm- group critique
March 11th 5pm- workshop tbd

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