In an effort to simplify things we’ve come up with a slightly complicated set-up:

(Oh well! We tried!)

Children’s classes are 1.5 hours long and cost $25 per class if you pay-as-you-go or $200 for a 10-class card which can be shared with siblings or friends.

Adult classes are 2.5 hours and cost $35 if you pay-as-you-go or $300 for a 10-class card which can be shared with a friend or relative.

Our SPECIAL EVENTS can be paid for using your 10-class card as well.

Classes and cards can be paid for in person at the studio with cash or check, or online using the PayPal link below.

Please call/text first to visit, pay-per-class, buy a 10-class card or find out more information:

one child class $25.00 USD
one adult class $35.00 USD

child 10-class card $200.00 USD
adult 10-class card $300.00 USD
Studio Art Camp week $275.00 USD
Studio Art Camp session $500.00 USD
Camp Outlaw week $350.00 USD

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4 thoughts on “PAYMENT

  1. Hello,
    I would like to come and do clay with my children (9 and 13yrs) during open studio on a tuesday or thursday during the holiday vacation or on a day they have off from school. I have a BFA and majored in ceramics and they have asked to do clay work. I can’t do weekend or evening classes. Are you open on the holidays?


  2. Hello,

    I know this may be a long shot but I bought a 10 class package for me and my husband about 2 years ago and went to 2-3 classes. We had a card with our names on it. I was wondering if the classes we haven’t used are still valid? I can provide a credit card statement if necessary.

    Thank you,

    Rachel Matthews


    1. Yes, please come in and make some art! Just call a day or so ahead to reserve class time. We’ll look for your card and if we cannot find it, we’ll honor your memory. If you and your husband shared a card and came together 3 times, that means you have a total of 4 classes left – does that seem correct?


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