Women’s Creativity Nights

a unique way to get creative in the company of other wonderful women.

Fridays 7-9pm BYOB chocolates provided $30

Your creativity will be revived!



October 13th, November 10th, December 1st, January 20th

Using your non-dominant hand and some simple tools, high quality oil paints and three small canvasses, you will surprise yourself with your little masterpieces!

HolisticFem FLOWER CROWNS w/ April

December 22nd

You will be guided on a fruitful journey celebrating womanhood and femininity. Liberate yourself from all the hats you wear! Sharing stories and inspiration while you weave your own unique crown, you will connect with others and re-connect with your self.


FACING OURSELVES: Drawing/painting w/ Meri

December 15th, January 6th

Using the instructor’s experience, guidance and portraiture skills, we will work collaboratively as a warm-up and then you will branch out on your own. Using a variety of water-based mediums, you will learn about blending colors and shadowing from a completely new perspective. Meri sees between the lines and will help you to bring out more than you thought possible.



January 13th , February 3rd

Learn the intricacies of white-line printing using simple everyday materials and high quality printing inks. Martha will start you off, but you will find your own personal path and take home with you at least two completed personal prints.

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