In an effort to simplify things we’ve come up with a slightly complicated set-up:

(Oh well! We tried!)

Children’s classes are 1.5 hours long and cost $25 per class but depending on the class and the teacher, we bundle them to make it cheaper and easier. More information will be forthcoming as we figure out who is teaching which class when!

Adult classes are 2 hours long for handbuilding, 2.5 hours for throwing on the wheel, and cost $300 for a 10-class card (which can be shared with a friend or relative). For newcomers we offer a trial pass: 2-class pass for handbuilding ($70) and 5-class pass for throwing ($175).

Our SPECIAL EVENTS cost $35 and can be paid for using your 10-class card as well.

Classes and cards can be paid for in person at the studio with cash or check, or online using the link below.

Please call/text first to visit, buy a pass or 10-class card or find out more information:

1 child class $25.00 USD
2-class pass adult $70.00 USD5-class pass adult $175.00 USD
child 10-class card $200.00 USD
adult 10-class card $300.00 USD
Studio Art Camp week $275.00 USD
Studio Art Camp session $500.00 USD
Camp Outlaw week $500.00 USD

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